Our Mission ...

When I started Cauliflower Nation, I had a few “must haves” that were non-negotiable when it came to a clothing brand. I knew I wanted to have the best fitting, most comfortable apparel you could find, even it it cost more to produce. Not only did I want the apparel to fit and feel amazing, but it needed to have some artwork that also brought a sense of fashion and pride. 

As an athlete myself, I knew there was not a lot of options that fulfilled the void of my “must haves” so I decided to take on this huge undertaking myself. The industry lacked apparel with fashion that martial artists could wear daily with pride, so we stepped up to the mat to fulfill this void. 

I poured my time, blood, sweat and tears into creating premium quality gear to show off your cauliflower ears. 

When you buy from Cauliflower Nation, not only are you supporting a local small grass roots business.

When you buy from Cauliflower Nation, you become a member of our worldwide family. You are there with us from last place to first place, from white belt to black belt. You become part of the nation!

We are all martial artists. We train daily and understand the meaning of hard work and dedication. Everything we do here at Cauliflower Nation comes from our hearts. We always make an effort to support other small businesses because we all can help each other live our dreams.

You are not just a customer; you are a shareholder in this brand.

We appreciate your business from the bottom of our ears and thank you for being part of the nation, CAULIFLOWER NATION!