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 We say it all the time, EARS DON"T LIE, but we also know that some of your aspiring ear models don't want to have crazy amounts of cauliflower ear.  So for those of you smart enough to get yourself a compression kit we are proud to offer CauliCure's patented advanced compression system.

Here are the specs:

The CauliCure compression system boost the following:

  • the system allows for the prevention of cauliflower ear by providing compression to hte damaged ear tissue before it has a chance to fill with blood or fluid
  • in addition, if the ear has an existing hematoma that must be drained, it works to keep the damaged area from refilling.  This eliminates the endless draining and provides better results for returning the ear to its original state.
  • The system is reusable for as many applications as needed and last a lifetime if the product is taken care of properly
  • Many years have been spent testing and developing this system to bring you a product that can help manage your ear trauma, any auricular hematoma and the permanent damage that can follow
  • Made by athletes, backed by athletes
  • Partnered with and used by USA Wrestling

Made in the U.S.A